Zoobooks & More !

Zoobooks & More !

Zoobooks & More ! Start Making Learning Fun

Did you grow up reading Zoobooks? I know I did, I remember not only reading these wonderful books in school, but at home as well. I was a real book worm though, the scholastic book fair was the best day of the year for me. One thing that I loved in the Zoobooks, was their awesome photos and illustrations and each issue focused on one animal. Through the years I wasn’t a fan much of watching the documentary channel. If it wasn’t for the Zoobooks Collection I probably wouldn’t know as much as I do today when it comes to the animal kingdom.

Over the past month, I reached out to Zoobooks and asked to partner with them so I could bring more details on their amazing magazine. Zoobooks or Wildlife Education Ltd., was a company established in 1980, they are actually celebrating their 37th anniversary this year! Now they have a few different collections depending on the age group of your child.Zoobooks


(Ages 6-12)- was the most common in my household, and others due to reading ages improve around this age and they are perfect for fun facts. Zoobooks incorporate amazing photos and illustrations. This particular magazine has won many awards for being kid-friendly. Each article focuses on helping kids learn about one animal in their habitat, their behavior, and more!Zoobooks


(Ages 3-6)- I was very impressed with this book, my oldest son is 5 and he is just starting to read. This book was perfect for preschoolers, but the photos kept him engaged. Don’t get me wrong, he did take a look into the older book as well, but this one was perfect for him and kept his attention. Zootles is filled with photos and family activity ideas.zoobooks


(Ages 0-3)- As many mothers know, it’s very hard to keep a small baby or toddler engage in anything on paper. With Zoobies that wasn’t the case! My youngest boy is one and he fell in love with this book! He was saying “ohhhhh” every other page. He loves animals and this book was filled with a numerous amount of animals!


(Ages 5+)- This book is the newest to their collection and it’s absolutely adorable! Dinosaurs come to life in the new title from Zoobooks. Simple, interactive text encourages discussion and active learning. If you’ve ever met a little five year old boy, 90% of the time they LOVE dinosaurs! My son couldn’t wait to get his hands on this book and crack it open. We’ve done everything from read dinosaur books to go to the local science exhibits, dinosaurs are my son’s favorite.zoobooks

Just look at how content he was reading the dinosaur book outside. He was happy to sit back and relax and was focused on looking through the book!



Zoobooks influenced my childhood and what I did to learn about animals. I wanted that in my kid’s life and I want them to know the world around them. One day I hope to travel with them and show them the wildlife in this world, in the mean time though I want them to learn. These books are made for knowledge, but to make learning fun.

I would rate Zoobooks a 10/10 for being the go to kid’s animal book since 1980!

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