Z BLOK Sunscreen

Z BLOK Sunscreen

Z BLOK Sunscreen

I love products that are great for my readers. I started to collaborate with companies that I thought could benefit my readers. In the hot summer days, what do we use more than anything on our little ones? Sunblock, or at least I do! My son is a very fair skinned child with very light blonde hair, so he gets burned very easily. I recently had a company called Z BLOK Sunscreen reach out to me and asked if I’d like to sample their product. I accepted their offer, because of a few reasons you’ll see in this post today that are important to me.

Below is a video that I pulled off of their site about their effort to improve our envirement.

Why Z Blok is the right choice…

Problem: Most sunscreens are chemical based and sting children’s eyes when water or sweat mixes in.

Solution: Z Blok is fragrance free so it is less likely to trigger allergies or attract insects.

Problem: Most chemically based sunscreens can wash off easily with sweat or water and become less effective.

Solution: The zinc oxide in Z Blok is highly waterproof and it stays on the skin better. Children are better protected for longer periods of time with Z Blok, even if they go in a pool.

Problem: Many parents don’t want to send a whole bottle of sunscreen into school with their children and some school prohibit that.

Solution: Z Blok is available in a low profile, lightweight .5 oz. stick that easily fits into pockets or backpacks.

After using their product on myself and my kids I noticed it wasn’t as thick and when I started to sweat it didn’t burn my eyes. The problem I find is if I’m using a sunscreen outside and I start to sweat, the sunscreen will drip into my eyes and burn.

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I would have to give this product a 10/10, I love a product that starts by helping the environment. If we don’t take care of mother earth, it won’t take care of us. Another factor that played into my ratings had to be the burning affect, or the lack of burning I should say. Needless to say it was a great product and I’m happy they reached out!

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