Double Your Twitter Followers

Double Your Twitter Followers

How to Use Crowdfire to Double Your Twitter Followers

I set goals to double my followers on social media sites, three weeks ago after publishing my post April’s Income Report. I wanted to find out every bit of information that I could on how to increase my reach via social media. Well I started my search in the only place I knew I’d find answers, other twitter members. The best way to find success in blogging is to copy someone who is already successful and find out how it works for you. Well if luck had it, I had a reader reach out in a comment saying she’d love to tell me her secrets on how to get more followers. She started by telling me what kind of tags to use and how many to use. Then she told me about Crowdfire, my new favorite app and I can’t get over how magical this is! Today I’m going to show you how to use crowdfire to double your twitter followers.

What is Crowdfire?

Crowdfire is an artificial intelligence marketing app that lets you target social media by engaging others. First you will link all of your social media account and then under the blog connection section link your blog. Crowdfire enables you to see all of your followers, unfollowers, those that do and don’t follow you back. With Crowdfire you can also see who has engaged the most with your account. If you find users that have unfollowed you or don’t follow back, you can easily unfollow them through the platform.When linking a blog, every time you publish a new post it’ll ask if you’d like to schedule it to be shared.

How to Use Crowdfire to Benefit Your Blog:

Your social media reach is a very large part of your audience for 90% of blogs. It’s very hard to increase organic if no one knows your blog exists. Crowdfire recently increased from just being a instagram and twitter publisher to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. You will go through these steps each morning after getting your morning notification:


Report Card

Every morning you’ll awake to a notification on your phone, this will show you a report of the previous days report card showing you page likes or followers, unlikes, and engagement.

Engagement Articles

You are asked to find articles to share with your followers that are relevant to your niche. After picking out the relevant articles you’d like to share Crowdfire schedules those posts to post during peak hours on your social media groups. (You can adjust how many articles to post per day per social media group in the settings) Don’t worry they won’t flood your followers unless you adjust it to in the settings.

Non-Followers & UnFollowers

Each day you’ll be delivered the people who don’t follow you back. One way to get more followers is to follow and interact, followers that don’t follow back aren’t going to help marketing your blog. You’ll also be told to unfollow the unfollowers from your Twitter. If someone unfollowed you, they aren’t supportive of your cause, don’t worry you didn’t need their negativity anyway! You’ll find more.


These are the people that love your blog and followed your twitter! See the followers that you don’t follow back and show them love too. Doing this can increase your organic followers. Engage with followers, this is what it’s all about!

What Else Can I do?

Automatic Direct Messages on Twitter! This was a big one from me, one a automatic response you want to thank the follower for following you, but you also want them to check out your blog. Grow traffic to your blog by putting your link right out in front of them.


Crowdfire increases engagement with your followers and brings in organic followers as well. By publishing articles you constantly have your brand in front of your audience’s face. It will also remind you when to republish old posts to circulate in your own content and increase your blog’s traffic. At the end of the day, I tried out Crowdfire two weeks ago and have already gained 150 followers on twitter and I’m gaining back engagement from facebook followers I thought I lost. Using this app to schedule my posts on all social media sites has given me more time to focus on my family and also to show you longer more in depth posts.Crowdfire


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