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Three Ingredient Dog Treats

My two pups go through dog treats way too quickly! I started to look into ways that I could feed their hunger for treats but save my wallet on the expense. Well I started to come across different recipes for homemade dog treats. This recipe for three ingredient dog treats was one of them! This recipe is super easy and you are going to love it!

Three Ingredient Dog Treats

Peanut butter has been a dogs friend for a very long time. We always hear about a dog licking from a spoon full of peanut butter, but how about making that peanut butter into a treat.

What You’ll Need to Make Three Ingredient Dog Treats:

32 oz. Plain Yogurt

3 Tablespoons Peanut Butter

1 Large Banana, Sliced

Three Ingredient Dog Treats

Blend your three ingredients together well in a food processor or chopper. Make sure to slice your bananas before adding them to the mixture. After you are done chopping your mixture on puree mode, pour them into a silicone mold, I chose a paw print silicone mold that I found on amazon:

I absolutely love the silicone mold instead of an ice cube tray because I’m able to pop them out with ease.

Next you’ll want to freeze your pup’s treats in the freezer until they have a hard consistency.

Three Ingredient Dog Treats

Don’t worry your pup is going to love the melt in your mouth yogurt taste!

Three Ingredient Dog Treats

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