Spider Repellent All Natural with Essential Oil

Spider Repellent All Natural with Essential Oil

Spider Repellent All Natural with Essential Oil

I don’t know about you, but I am TERRIFIED of spiders. Don’t get me wrong most bugs freak me out, but spiders get the best of me. I currently live in Florida and the scary part is the spiders are huge here compared to what I was use to seeing in Connecticut. We have banana spiders that I’ve seen grow to the size of a person’s head. That’s not why I started looking for a spider repellent all natural with essential oil.

I’m cursed with an unfortunate occurrence in my home, spiders. I have not just found one spider, but I’ve come across almost 5 in the same day and all were deadly. I opened my bathroom medicine cabinet to a spider just waiting for me. It started to buck it’s legs up and it jumped. After that traumatizing experience I started my search. Here is what I found:spider repellent

Spiders hate the smell of peppermint oil, some studies have shown that they don’t like strong odors. Spiders will avoid peppermint oil, lavender essential oil, and vinegar. I chose to make my concoction with peppermint oil.

What You’ll need:

10 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

One Spray Bottle

One tbsp. dish soap

What to do:

Take your spray bottle and fill it up 80% with warm water. Put your tbsp. of dish soap inside the bottle with the water. Take your essential oil and add 10-12 drops, you want it to be a strong scent. You’ll want to spray your mix around the windows, door entry ways, cracks, and I sprayed it on the baseboards just to be safe.

My results:

I sprayed my house down with this mix about a week ago and haven’t seen a spider since! I didn’t think it’d work this great, but it has and I’m beyond thankful.

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13 thoughts on “Spider Repellent All Natural with Essential Oil”

  • Wow! I am glad that your peppermint oil concoction worked well to get rid of the spiders! Does it also work if you put vinegar in it instead of peppermint oil? I am terrified of spiders too, and tarantulas! They scare me like no one’s business! 🙁 Great post!

    • If you spray vinegar where spiders gather or directly on them they hate it. I’m not sure the results of just vinegar usage though. I know some people have mixed peppermint essential oil and vinegar and have had a ton of success!

  • Super easy DIY! My husband and I hate spiders too. I saw one in the bathroom the other day and I flipped. I’m going to try this concoction.

  • This is so interesting! I’d heard of essential oils but never knew you could use them as some kind of repellent before. (sidenote: your spider story sounds horrific! I too am scared of bugs and spiders). I’m definitely going to look into using them for mosquito repellent as well because that’s my worst problem this summer and I’m always open for going to the more natural route vs. chemical. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Of course! I’m happy to help! And it was soon scary, the way the spider perked up was terrifying. Good luck!

  • That’s awesome! I greatly dislike spiders and I am all for natural products. I will try this, I have the oil somewhere in my home already so I am good to do. Good luck with the spiders! 🙂

    • In an average tall spray bottle I filled the bottle about 80% of the way. The bottle I used was a normal $1 spray bottle from the cleaning section at any dollar general or Walmart. I hope this helps!

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