How to Spend Nothing and Get Something

How to Spend Nothing and Get Something

How to Spend Nothing and Get Something

Saving money is my biggest down fall and I try as hard as I can to keep on the path of budgeting and saving. IT’S NOT EASY! Well, about 5 years ago now I joined a group and found a large community of women. They showed me how to spend nothing and get something. The best part was that I found amazing women and I got free stuff! 

How to Spend Nothing and Get Something

What is Bartering?

Bartering is a skill that we picked up sometime back in kindergarten. Remember when little Johnny wanted our egg salad sandwich and we wanted his dessert? Well, we did a little trade and both ended up happy. That is bartering, where you trade two items that both of you want for nothing! Money isn’t an object and some people will often trade services as well.

Where Can I find people to barter with?

Facebook is a great place to start to find communities or groups to trade items with. I live in Florida and there are several bartering groups in my area. Make sure to check your own! Another great way to find people if you have a service to trade, is Craigslist. Craigslist is a great place for finding free items, services, or people to barter with.

How we traded services for over $300+ of product!

Everyday we see offers for free items for product reviews, or our services. In the past I’ve given consults for websites in exchange for products that the client has made or a service they can provide me. In the long haul, bartering has created some outstanding friendships for us!

Items I received for doing consultations or providing a service:



Here are 10 Ideas for items to barter:

  1. Old items that you no longer use
  2. Clothes that no longer fit
  3. Food that you bought but didn’t like
  4. Books that you’ve already read
  5. Electronics that are collecting dust
  6. Appliances that you are replacing
  7. Kids Toys that they no longer use
  8. Office supplies
  9. Craft supplies or home made items
  10. Services that you can provide ( for example we build sites and make logos)

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