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Here is what we call our Blogging Resources. We love letting you know resources or blogs that we follow and why! Don’t hesitate to send in your blog, we follow so many daily and love to see your content.

Sites We Love: – Try some amazing new dishes and recipes! Our friend over at has treated us with some great recipes so don’t forget to subscribe!

Joyful Source – This site is one of our favorites, she really outdid herself on some of these amazing articles. Check out these 20 sensible ways to save money in 2017!

Smart Lad has come out with an amazing best hunting boot review article. We love their site, and we are loving this amazing post. They have put in a lot of great details as well.

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Learn About Blogging

How to Start a WordPress Blog
How to Setup Rich Pins On Pinterest

How to Make Money on Fiverr


BlueHost:  A self-hosted blog is essential for those who want to monetize their blogs. You can buy hosting and get a domain for free on Bluehost with plans starting as low as $3.95 per month!
Google Analytics: Install Google Analytics on your website so that you can track accurate page views to your blog, your audience demographics, and even bounce rate. All this information not only helps you improve your website in the long run, but will be what companies will ask for when they want to work with you in the future.

Monetize Your Blog

Affiliate marketing is one of the simplest ways to passively earn money from your blog. To learn more about affiliate marketing, read this in-depth article. Here are a few affiliate networks that connect you to brands in every niche:

AwinFormerly Affiliate Window, Awin is hands down one of my favorite affiliate programs. Their interface is very easy to use, and they work with a variety of brands worldwide including Etsy and Fiverr. They ask for a $5 deposit to sign up, but you receive that back with your first payment!

FlexShare- This has to be one of our favorite affiliate programs besides amazon affiliates. You can partner with 100+ advertisers. We recently joined Paypal and Crayola through this site! They have advertisers for EVERY niche. The other perk? You can refer other bloggers and share profits! Join by using my referral link!
Share-a-Sale – Most bloggers will recommend Share-A-Sale for a few different reasons. You can make money easily with programs for all niches, but the main reason we use Share-a-sale is for the affiliate program for Tailwinds! We’ll talk to you about why we love tailwinds in a second.

Grow Your Reach: Social Media

Tailwind: Schedule Pinterest posts with Tailwinds. Tailwinds offers a section called Tailwinds tribe which if you find the right group can be extremely beneficial. Share your blog posts with scheduled pins and share them with the tailwinds tribe that can retire your post as well.   Use this free trial to try Tailwind and get your first 100 pins free!

Crowdfire- I have doubled my twitter followers using the crowdfire app. Read my article on this great way it changed my social media here.

Facebook Groups – An amazing feature of Facebook, the groups! Join Bloggers groups to share you post and make connections with other bloggers.

Blog Sources

Theme Forest: ThemeForest has a huge marketplace for WordPress themes. You can find fantastic themes for all different kinds of sites. They even offer fantastic plugins for sale!
Fiverr: The Fiverr marketplace is a great place to find people to help if you have coding errors, need a logo, or even custom projects. I’m actually a Fiverr agent and I make over $50 a month in gigs.
Canva: You can use Canva to create a social media images, book covers, blog covers, and more. They give you several different templates to work with. I love to make graphics for holidays on their site!

Fotojet : Fotojet is just like Canva, you are able to custimize your photos and make social media images.

WordPress Plug-Ins

WordPress plug-ins can be the best tool you’ll ever have on your blog! On the other hand don’t be to plug-in friendly or you will start to see your blog slow down. Here are our favorite plug-ins that are currently on our site.

Yoast SEO: This plug-in is essential for perfect SEO. SEO will be  the key tool for great google rankings. SEO Yoast helps you give a customize your meta description. After you input a keyword the tool will tell you what you need to change in your post to make it fit that keyword, this will improve rankings.

Above the Fold Optimization – Above the fold is a great tool to minify css, minify javascript, and more. This plug-in will help you score the 100% on Google Pagespeed which is a key tool to help you rank higher. Optimize your page with this plug-in. it’s on the top of our must download list.

Min-It – This plug-in is FANTASTIC! Minify your content to get the upper hand on a faster site. You can download min-it by clicking HERE. 

WP SMUSH- WP Smush is a great plug-in to optimize your images for a faster loading speed.

WP Super Cache- This is a fantastic caching plug-in for your site. A must have to win over google’s heart.



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