Raising Baby Chicks

Raising Baby Chicks

Raising Baby Chicks

Like everyone else I love to save money in any way that I can. With two growing boys we are always going through eggs and food in general. It seems we can never keep up with the amount of eggs that we keep in the house. Well I started to do some research on how much work, upkeep, and money would go into raising baby chicks. My main concern was the upkeep, I maintain a full-time job during the day and take care of the boys at night having more things to do was not on my list. Well after researching for well over a month I decided to get some 5 baby chicks. In the picture there are nine all together, but the other four were for a friend.  Why baby chicks? Well in my research I found that when raising them from baby chicks you are able to handle them and bond with them.

raising baby chicksIn my research I made one bad mistake however, I didn’t read the articles on how to tell the difference between a male and a female. So when I arrived at this woman’s house to pick up my new family members I had no idea which ones to choose. So I played the game of luck because it’s not easy to find baby chicks in my town. Lucky enough she had two Ameraucana besides the 100 Leghorn chicks. It cost a total of $10 for my 5 baby chickens and $4 for the food and water feeder. In my eyes this was a small investment of how much they would produce.

raising baby chicks



After an interesting car ride I got my little baby chicks home and built their temporary housing. Their little home was made out:

1 extra-large metal dog cash ( a normal one would be less work as far as clean up with the wood chips. I picked the metal crate because it gave them more air flow and I had one lying around my house.)

  • 1 roll chicken wire ( don’t make the same mistake I did buy the grid wire instead THEY WILL ESCAPE!)

After building this Macgyver style coop, the baby chicks will stay in there for a few months until they are big enough to survive outside or until the weather is decent. If you are in an area that is cold or where the chicks can catch a bad draft , make sure to give them the proper heat lamp to keep them warm.

raising baby chicks    After just 10 days my little balls of fluff were starting to get real feathers. I was absolutely amazed at how fast they were growing! My little babies were standing at 5 inches tall now and had their own little personalities. I kept them in this little crate for about two months until they were large enough to be put into something real. At first I thought about building my own coop and I searched for plans and thought of the budget it would take. However, I’m not your normal blogger, I suck at DIY projects more than anyone. I went into the store and broke down at all the different things I would need. Luckily for me the guy in Lowes told me that Tractor Supply was having a huge sale on chicken coops HALF OFF! Immediately I was sold ! Less work, better looking coop, and half the price. The coop ended up being cheaper buying because of this sale. After an hour of putting this little gem together I had their coop up and they were happy! These babies have grown so much in the past few months and come to find out I had two males that I had to get rid of unfortunately due to city code. But these chickens have become my babies and I wouldn’t trade raising baby chicks for anything! I’m still waiting on the eggs, but good things take time! The best website I found to use was backyardchickens.com!

Roosters   img_2504  chicken coop


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