peanut butter dog treats
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Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Dogs love peanut butter dog treats and what’s better than making homemade dog treats so you know what your dog is eating. Take out the peanut butter and prepare for the easiest treat recipe you’ll do!

What You’ll Need:


Peanut Butter (We chose chunky)

A silicone dog treat mold or pan ( The metal pan we used was a little tricky to get the treats out)

peanut butter dog treats

First things first my kids and I went to dollar general and picked up a cheap little pan typically used for mini brownies. Now I wish I had gotten a silicone mold for easier removal.

peanut butter dog treats

We used three tablespoons of peanut butter. We were guesstimating on ingredients so don’t be specific just make sure you do a 3 peanut butter scoops to 1 yogurt scoop.

peanut butter dog treats

Add a generous amount of yogurt, when mixing the ingredients together the yogurt is going to make it creamy and taste better for your pup.

peanut butter dog treats

Keep mixing until the two ingredients are fully mixed together. It should start to look like the above picture.

Take out your pan or silicone mold and now we are going to start filling our tray up.

peanut butter dog treats

After your tray is completely filled up with your peanut butter mixture put it in the freezer for three hours or until solid. Feed to your pups and watch their eyes glow!

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