May Income Report: How I made $170 Blogging

May Income Report: How I made $170 Blogging

May Income Report: How I made Money Blogging

Last Month was a success! This month however, I focused on my followers on social media followers. Now that doesn’t mean I didn’t feel good about getting $170 for something I do on the side! Here is my May Income Report: How I made $170 and some change from Blogging!


This month has been a roller coaster for me. I started out by seeking more social media followers and ways to increase my reach. Most of my energy went into that, I’ll tell you what it was a battle! Most of my income for this month was side work I accomplished in one week, I honestly could have done more if I put in more effort. I have joined a few affiliate programs that I fell in love with and see myself making decent money with them. I hope you enjoy my report, it’s not too long this month but check out how I DOUBLED my Twitter Followers. (At the end of the month I grew 371 Followers).


I have reported my income as it happened. Most programs for affiliates have a certain goal and payout. So instead of reporting my income as it’s paid out, I have reported my income as it happened.  This helped make things feel like they were going very successful!

What I accomplished in May:

With starting out so new and making so little for my first month, I don’t feel like I accomplished much. However, I did meet so many goals that I wanted to accomplish besides monetizing the blog.

  • I started to join forces with other bloggers and create several strong connections of sharing each others content. My favorite person to follow on Twitter has become Work From RV, . I couldn’t ask for a better person to partner with, I love all that they’ve showed me this month.
  • Downloaded Crowdfire – For me this is big, this has been my biggest success so far for expanding my reach. I’m finally reconnecting with followers I thought were deadends. See how I did it here. 
  • Upgraded Tailwinds– Tailwinds has increased my Pinterest account progressively with followers and has given me free time to focus on other things. Tailwinds schedules your pins and posts them at suggested times for peak reach. Another great feature of Tailwinds is their tribes feature. I was able to get 2 months for free from Tailwinds with their May specials.
  • Tailwinds Tribes- I JOINED MY FIRST TRIBE! I absolutely love this section of Tailwinds, I’m able to be a part of a group of bloggers and share my content with them. When adding a new pin, your fellow tribe mates can share it to their followers as well.

Affiliate Programs I joined in May:

ShareASale – I love this affiliate program because they offer several well known companies like TailWinds, Wayfair , Gamiss ( You’ll see an article about two beautiful 50s dresses I bought recently for 62% off!), Candy Club and more. I mainly joined so I could get ahead of the billing for Tailwinds. Join ShareASale by using this link.

Spark Naturals – I love essential oils and I use them A LOT in my household. Well, I wanted to start incoroporating them into my blog articles. I didn’t want to just stop there, why not give my audience a essential oil that is fantastic and I can also make some money off of their purchases. Well, I found Spark Naturals and I’m in love! It’s a 60% payout for each sale you deliver and only $25 to cash out. Even better? By referring you guys I get 33.33% calculated from the referring affiliate’s commission amount. Join up with me if you want to promote essential oils, Click Here.

Earlier in the article I told you about Work From RV and how we’ve been collaborating together. Well, they showed me this fantastic affiliate program called FlexShare. FlexShare has over 9,000+ affiliate programs and are adding hundreds of programs weekly. Another great feature besides the hundreds of advertisers to work with? The FlexRev-$hare Program, this program is a tier affiliate program that will give you percentages of joining members sales. So join me and lets start earning so cash, Click here.

Social Media

My followers have been slowly climbing but after joining Tailwind at the last two days of the month I saw a improvement. I’m excited to see the increases and hope for more in May.

  • Pinterest – Goal for May: 360 – I didn’t hit my goal, but I did come close. I ended with 330 Followers. Goal for June 400
  • Twitter –  Goal for May -I started last month with 26 and ended May with 397 Followers. Goal for June 1,000
  • Facebook – Goal for May: 1000 – I didn’t hit this goal but I managed to get it to 771. I did increase my engagement! Goal for June 1,000

Top Posts of May

Income For May

Fiverr: I made a total of $24 off of Fiverr for the month of May. I make everything from graphics to helping my customers build a site! If you need my help you can check me out on Fiverr here.

Google Adsense : I’ve made a total of $2.11 with adsense. After the 3rd of the month I accidentally turned my adsense off by removing the link.

Sponsored Campaigns: $50

Bluehost: I absolutely love bluehost for my hosting site and will ALWAYS recommend them. They are one of the top hosting services out there, and they have a amazing affiliate program that gives you $65 for every sign up! It’s crazy to think that they’d give you that much. This seems to be a large chunk of my monthly income.  Click here to sign up with them!

Amazon Affiliate : I made a total of $9.74 at the very end of the month with a total of 5 orders. – $0.20 I just joined them 2 days before the end of the month.

Misc: $19.12

Total : $170.17


Facebook like campaign: $20

Total Expenses : $20

Goals For May

  • I’d like to increase my Instagram followers since it is very low.
  • Work on schema structures and learn more about technical SEO
  • Hit $500 for next months income.
  • Schedule at least 6 posts per week to keep up with my busy schedule, I seem to miss this goal often between school and work.

Does this all sound amazing?

Read out How to Start a Blog Post for help on getting started!

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