June Income Report : How I made $1,090.33 Blogging

June Income Report : How I made $1,090.33 Blogging

June Income Report: How I made $1,090.33 Blogging

Every month I knuckle down and set my mind to a goal. This month I found myself focusing on money, I’m coming out of my lease on my car and I’d like to buy a new car CASH. With that being said I needed to hammer down on affiliate marketing and start getting closer to my goal of $10,000 for my car! I have 5 months to save! The biggest goal I set for myself wasn’t just saving, I wanted to make all of that money off of my blog. It’s a crazy thought to even think I could make that kind of money off of my little side project blog! Well I’m blown out of the water with how I did this month and I wanted to share with you!

With the amount of affiliates I became aware of and joined, I was amazed at all the opportunities and articles I could write! It seems every month at the end of the month is when I’m searching the most for answers on how to improve. So in the month of July you’ll be seeing how I did with each one of the affiliate marketing programs below! I’ve read income report after income report looking and mimicking others. The best way to increase knowledge is through two things; doing what other successful people do/ reading about it or doing it yourself.Income Report


I have reported my income as it happened. Most programs for affiliates have a certain goal and payout. So instead of reporting my income as it’s paid out, I have reported my income as it happened.  This helped make things feel like they were going very successful!

What I accomplished in June:

  • I attended an event in Orlando for the BlogerHer Event. Now that’s not the exciting part! I got invited by a fellow member at Bluehost, one of my #1 hosting companies I work with. I build sites for a living and I’m probably their number one fan! Well, I had one of their members personally reach out and talk to me about a ticket and invite me to the event!
  • Moved my How to Start a Blog post to the top of my menu bar. After advice from the Bluehost team, I decided to move my How to Start a Blog post to my Menu bar in the hopes to receive more sign ups and increase affiliate commissions! Fingers crossed!
  • Created a shop section on My Blog. In the last week of  June I decided I don’t promote my services enough. I’m a full-time marketing director over four stores outside of the online world, and I also build WordPress sites as a side hustle. Well after it came to me, I decided why not offer my consulting package as a purchasable item! For the month of July I’ll be offering a discount on my services. In my consulting bundle I work closely with my new customer to review their site and not only give them examples of ways to fix it, but I help them get them resolved. I’ve worked with several companies to improve WordPress sites and work on optimization.

Social Media

My followers have been slowly climbing but after joining Tailwind. I’m excited to see the increases and I’m amazed at the jump in traffic coming from Pinterest!

  • Pinterest – Goal for June: 400 I hit that goal and got to 507! Thanks to Tailwinds of course! Goal for July 600
  • Twitter –  Goal for June 1000 – I got to 3,062 followers!  Goal for July 5,000
  • Facebook – Goal for June 1000 – I didn’t hit this goal but I managed to get it to 886. Goal for July 1,000

Top Posts of June

Income For June

I put everything into my blog this month! I’ve advertised on twitter for the first time, I started pushing my own content more and more. This month I also started partnering with companies and agreeing to do reviews in exchange for products. And over all I started to promote brands on social media. I did my best to make as much as I could this month, with my car in the back of my mind! All links below are affiliated links, if you follow my link and join under me I may receive a commission!

Awin: $825!

After reading a few income reports and signing up under another Blogger that also saw success. I reached an amazing goal of $825! Awin partners with trusted companies like Etsy, Etsy Studio, and my personal favorite Fiverr !

Awin will ask that you pay $5 to sign up, You’ll get that $5 back immediately after signing up! Don’t worry, you’re not losing your $5 forever!

Bluehost: $65

I absolutely love bluehost for my hosting site and will ALWAYS recommend them. They are one of the top hosting services out there, and they have an amazing affiliate program that gives you $65 for every sign up! It’s crazy to think that they’d give you that much. This seems to be a large chunk of my monthly income.  Click here to sign up with them!

Consulting: $200

I posted my consulting bundle and shared it at a discounted rate that will be offered until the end of July. After posting my Consulting service, I instantly started receiving orders! I’m super excited for what this could potentially bring me in the future! You can check out my services here.

Shareaholic – $0.33

I absolutely love this program! I get paid every time one of my readers sees an add in the related content or the ad from sharing my content. This helpful plugin not only helps me increase traffic by providing nice share buttons and sharing my content, but it gives me money in the process.

Total : $1,090.33


Facebook like campaign: $20

Total Expenses : $20

I tried to keep this month’s expenses to a minimum as a saved for a car. It’s a hard battle to balance incoming traffic 100% organically.

Goals For July

  • Work on an Ebook. I’d like to feature an e-book on WordPress Site Creation. I’m not a big guru for affiliate marketing, but I do understand technical when it comes to WordPress. I’d like to do a WordPress for dummies type idea. After writing the book, I’d like to publish it to Amazon along with posting it on my own site for sale.
  • Work on my Instagram account. I’ve been seriously slacking when it comes to Instagram and it’s not my followers faults! It’s me, but this needs to be a focus. Several people have found that they can drive affiliated marketing sales through Instagram.
  • Get a camera stand. I’d like to start taking better higher quality photos and I need to work on my photography skills as well.
  • Continue to optimize my site to have a 100 score on google. This part is easier said than done, I was close on google with a page speed testing score of 89. However, when I changed my theme at the beginning of the month, I broke the custom coding etc on my site.

Other Income Reports

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