How to Start A Blog

How to Start A Blog

How to Start A Blog

Wondering how to start a blog? Well you’re in luck because I’m going to show you the steps to start a blog with no technical experience necessary! For days I searched articles on how to start a blog before I finally jumped on the band wagon in October 2016. I wish I started this site years ago! It’s been a relaxing experience and I can’t stop now! When I first started my first job, my boss was telling me how to create a site and the easiest way to do so. I was young and naive and didn’t listen to him, However he gave me great advice to use later on. This step-by-step instructional guide is going to help you start a blog very easily!

Starting a Blog?

Many people start a blog for several reasons. However, the most common reasons are:

  • Making Money!– Most people think that bloggers just blog for the hell of it. However, most bloggers add ad postings to their site or articles to make money as well. A lot of large traffic blogs are monetized. What does that mean? It means they have put ads on their page to make money or become an affiliate for a company. We will get more in-depth later in our article about how to do that!
  • Bring More traffic to an existing site – I am currently a marketing director for an RV Business. In our line of business it is often found that RV Dealerships will create a blog that is external ( sometimes internal on their site), that will have links going back to their site to buy product. They will start a blog with a camping or RV hacks/tips that will lure people in that niche to their blog. Then they will add links back to their site for additional traffic. This also looks great for google to have external links going back to your site!
  • Relaxation– Often you’ll find that writers will start a blog about their day-to-day lifestyle. They often do this just for relaxation or as a stress reliever.
  • Providing a Service – Bloggers also go the route of creating a site for a service. Services can include anything from a freelance portfolio to selling their book. Often after a blog makes it big, you’ll see a writer author a book for others to purchase.

The 7 Steps to Start A Blog

Here are the seven steps to starting a blog:

  1. Decide What You want to Blog about
  2. Find Your Niche!
  3. Choose A Domain ( or get a free domain with your host)
  4. Choose a Host
  5. Install WordPress
  6. Design Your Site
  7. Install the Following Recommended Plugins to optimize your site!

Step 1: Find Your Niche!

A niche is your main topic that you’d like to blog about. Niche blogging is the act of creating a blog based on one topic that you want to target. For example if I want to blog about my fantastic recipes, I might want to make a blog based on a cooking niche. This will determine how you market later on as well. When choosing your niche you want to find something you love to talk about so you have plenty of opportunities for content.

Step 2: Choose A Domain

Choosing a domain name will take time and patience. Some of you that are creative it’ll come to instantly! Just keep in mind, when you purchase a domain and start to create your website, this is the domain that you’ll be working with from now on. This is the domain that you’ll be building your traffic and the site that you’re return readers will be typing into their search bar. So in other words unless you want to start from scratch it’s very hard to make change in the future. No pressure right?

What are the best places to buy a Domain?

OR in your next step choosing a host, You have the option of a free domain with Bluehost!

Step 3: Choose a Host

A host is the server for your website or to simplify that the outside service that holds your web address and helps others find your website.

Choosing a host can greatly affect your website. Your host will be in charge of your server times (as long as you don’t have to many plug-ins for your website or a heavy layout. We will talk about these shortly).

Bluehost – My site is hosted by Bluehost and so was the coupon site I had a year ago. I highly recommend them, they will keep your server times in tip-top shape. As well as, giving you a company email, a FREE DOMAIN, and great support.

(Below is a referral link to Bluehost. This will not give you any additional costs, however I will earn a commission if you sign up using them as a host. )

Think Bluehost is the one? Sign up by clicking here!

 Our link will open in a separate page. We did this so you’re able to read our guide and help you step-by-step. Once your separate page opens, Click get Started Now. Often you may see our screen is different then what you may be seeing in pricing. Bluehost will often advertise specials!

How to Start A Blog

Select Your Plan:

Choose the plan below that you’d like to start with. We highly recommend the Plus plan due to the unlimited features as well as some marketing bonuses that are included. All of their plan options come with a free domain!

However, if you find yourself tight in budget at first and just need a general website to start, the basic will do you no harm. Go ahead and try the basic, we did! If you find later on you need more from your server, you can always upgrade!

Click the green select button for your package of choice to continue.

How to Start A Blog


If you held out on picking a domain name, your next step is to pick your free domain name through WordPress. Do you already have an existing domain name? Place it in the “I have a domain name” space.

How to Start A Blog


Your existing domain will not display your new site until you change your name servers wherever your domain is currently registered. Changing your name servers points your domain to this new site.

To change the name servers where your domain is currently registered, first note your new Bluehost name server information:

Next, go to the registrar where your existing domain is currently registered (GoDaddy, Host Gator, etc.). You will need to enter the above information in the appropriate place. This varies among registrars so I recommend you call them if it’s not clear.

Enter Your Account Info

Fill out the form for all of your personal account information. Only Bluehost will be able to see these fields.

How to Start A Blog

Select an Account Plan

Package information, this section is where you choose for how long you want to have them bill you for the website. The options for the package plan are one to three years. The longer you choose the cheaper per month it is when you break down the price. As for your additional options, I only choose domain privacy protection. However, with my current site the domain privacy protection didn’t appear in my package information. This was due to buying my domain somewhere else and transferring it to bluehost. The other features aren’t needed, however that is completely upon preference.

How to Start A Blog

The total at the bottom of the page will be how much you’ll pay today. After today you won’t have to pay for one to three years.

Enter Your Billing Information

Fill out your billing information and agree to the terms and conditions of Bluehost, then Submit.

How to Start A Blog

After submitting your payment, you’ll be asked if you’d like upgrades. Skip through them, they aren’t necessary to continue.

Check your email for a welcome email from Bluehost, you’ll find your Control Panel Login ( Cpanel).

Login to Your CPanel

Go to Bluehost and click the login button in the top right corner.

How to Start A Blog

The email you received contained your Cpanel Login information.

How to Start A Blog


Step 4: Install WordPress

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an online, open source website creator written in PHP. Over all though this is the easiest platform to create a website. No coding experience is necessary to create an amazing website. To install WordPress on your Cpanel Screen of Bluehost press install WordPress.

How to Start A Blog

Start The WordPress Install

Click the install button to begin the WordPress install.

How to Start A Blog

Choose the Domain to Install WordPress

From the drop down menu choose your domain. Leave the directory space blank, then click check domain.

How to Start A Blog

Enter WordPress Information:

In this step you’ll enter your WordPress information. Your Site title will be the title of your business or blog, often people use the same title as their domain such as our site title is Penny Problem Solved and our domain is

Choose your username and password. We chose to use the same as our bluehost accounts information. Make sure you enter a valid email address because you’ll receive more informative emails from WordPress.

How to Start A Blog

Step 6: Design Your Site

It has taken me months to finally get to a point where I’m finally ok with my site. I’m sure it’ll change later on, but that’s part of blogging! To log into the back-end of the site go to :

Enter your username and password which WordPress emailed you when you installed WordPress onto your domain in step five.

How to Start A Blog

Until you start to add more to your WordPress site such as plugins your site dashboard will be very plain. But in our next step we will walk you through our recommended plugins.


Under the tab on your left side bar, you’ll have appearance with a sub-menu for themes. Choose your theme and activate it. Then click Customize after activating your theme. Alter your design as you’d like.

Step 7: Install Recommended Plugins

Plugins are the best! Don’t get plugin happy or it’ll slow down your site. To install a plugin, go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on the plugin tab in the sidebar. Click add new plugin.

How to Start A Blog

Here are a few recommended Plugins for Optimization:

  • Above the Fold Optimization – This plugin will help you optimize your site to get a 100 score on Google Page Speed. This plugin will remove your above the fold content, minify css, html, etc.
  • Askimet Anti-Spam – Askimet will keep your blog comments spam free!
  • Auto Terms of Service and Privacy policy – They will prove you with an auto generated privacy policy and auto terms. This is very important if you want to get approved for adsense to monetize your blog.
  • Jetpack – This is my favorite plugin especially their free plan. They will track your traffic, automatically share your posts to social sites, & much more. This plugin is a must!!!
  • Minit–  combine your java script files and minify your css. this will result in better google page speed results.
  • WP Smush – Most files you upload for pictures will often slow down your site. WP Smush will optimize your pictures to improve speed.
  • Yoast SEO – Yoast Seo is the BEST Seo plugin. They will have little lights to show you what you need to change on your post to have a SEO friendly post.


I hope you liked our post, if you have any questions leave a comment below or contact us .

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