Generation Guard Thermometer

Generation Guard Thermometer

Generation Guard Thermometer

One thing I can’t stand is all of the posts that point mothers in the wrong direction. Especially if you’re a first time mother, you really don’t know what exactly is needed. However, today I’m going to show you a product that I’ve been testing out for Generation Guard. Have you ever tried to take the temperature of a newborn or a toddler with the wiggles? It’s not easy!

What is Generation Guard?

Generation Guard, makes an accurate 15 second read thermometer. No more sitting there for what seems like an hour trying to get your son or daughters temperature. The thermometer can be used by oral, underarm, or rectal ( I suggest you pick one and stick to only that one option unless you do some serious sanitizing.) This thermometer is waterproof and flexible for durability. Generation Guard


Colton’s sick!

Well we got to give this thermometer a go yesterday when my two-year old son became sick. He was so warm, and he’s one of those kids that runs from thermometers. We’ve tried thermometers that slide across the forehead, but they didn’t seem to be completely accurate. In our household we won’t risk him hitting 103-104, that’s when fevers for infants and toddlers can be damaging.

Our poor Colton was laying on the bean bag on our living room, I pulled out our Generation Guard Thermometer, 15 seconds later and BAM! We had a reading of 102 within seconds. Generation Guard


Conclusion For New Moms:

Don’t waste money on thermometers that are going to take forever to read or you’ll make it worse for the child and yourself. Invest in the money for a thermometer that takes a split second. I’d rate this thermometer 10/10 in the mommy book for essentials.

If you want to purchase a Generation Guard Thermometer of your own they gave us a code for our readers to get a 15% discount! Enter Code PPSOLVED on this page!

Additionally, readers who purchase the thermometer, are eligible to join their contest for best video or photo review submitted on Amazon. The prizes are $1000 Paypal credits for first place, $250 Paypal credits for 2nd place, and $100 Amazon gift card for 3rd place. The contest ends on August 5th, 2017.

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