Free Makeup & Accessories

Free Makeup & Accessories

Free Makeup and Accessories

Are you a Makeup junkie like me? Do you love saving money or overall just want free samples? Well you have come to the right place, I’m going to show you where to get Free Makeup.¬†Companies all over want you to sample their products. What do they get out of it? Well, their hopes are that you’ll eventually purchase something. However, for you that means you can get some free stuff and when I say stuff I mean MAKEUP! Take advantage of these great deals before they are gone.

Alluring Freebies

Enter a contest daily to win Allure Products at They give away full size items daily ¬†or products for life. You aren’t guaranteed freebies with Allure but why it’s worth a shot!


Yes, you read that right! will let you choose the free sample of your choosing all you have to pay is shipping. What’s the catch? There is none the makers of this site just want to drive attention to their REAL sterling silver items and bring brand awareness for their real product line sold on

Return of The Mac

Bring your empty Mac cases from any mac product back to the Mac retailer. Once you bring back six empty Mac cases they will give you a free lipstick.

Lush Crush

Love lush? Bring back five Lush containers to get a free face mask. Who doesn’t love a relaxing night with your favorite brand face mask to get rid of your large pores!

More up Cycle Return

Origins will take ANY makeup container and in return they will give you a free Origins makeup sample. Kiehls has a special card for up cycling containers as well.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me! Sign up for Sephora and every year on your birthday you can get a free sample from Sephora. Last year on my birthday I got a Marc Jacobs eye liner and Marc Jacobs lipstick. Ulta will give you a great Birthday present as well so don’t forget to sign up!

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