Forget the Roomba! Buy an Ilife Vacuum

Forget the Roomba! Buy an Ilife Vacuum

Forget the Roomba! Buy an Ilife Vacuum.

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Forget the roomba! Buy an Ilife vacuum. For those of you who don’t know a Roomba is a robotic vacuum that you can program to vacuum the house at certain times of the day. This vacuum will roam around your house and clean your floors then return to it’s docking station to charge. Now the starting price for one of these fantsy pieces of machinery is $324 on amazon and can go has high as $1000! I know I don’t want to spend that much money on a single item for my house. Especially for something as simple as vacuuming/sweeping the floor. I’d rather sweep my floors with my $4 broom every night then to spend that kind of money.

What is an Ilife Vacuum?

Recently when I got a little extra money I started to look into a robot vacuum to help me keep the floors clean. With two dogs, two kids, and a boyfriend who eats everywhere but the table I needed help. While surfing through the selection of robot vacuums I found several. I read through reviews on top of reviews to make sure I wasn’t going to get into a mess or buy a piece of junk. Finally I came across the Ilife Vacuum, a vacuum that had almost all the features of the roomba but was only $179.99!


This vacuum roams the house and picks up things I didn’t even see! It auto docks to recharge and when it gets stuck on something surprisingly it unsticks itself. I’ve never been happier with a purchase. So stop spending $300 or more on a stupid roomba when you can get the same features for a amazing price!!!

Some Features:

  • 3-step cleaning system brings a deeper clean on carpet.
  • Advanced powerful motor with Max mode lets A4 pick up more dirt effortlessly.
  • Automatically docks and recharges, convenient programable schedue.
  • Motorized low profile body with tangle free sensors avoids stuck or drop off.
  • Up to 120mins working time delivered by high capacity fade-free battery.

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