Fiverr The Easiest Side Money I’ve Made

Fiverr The Easiest Side Money I’ve Made

 Fiverr : The Easiest Side Money I’ve Made


Have you heard of Fiverr yet? No? Well let me tell you about my new favorite site! Fiverr is a site for freelancers or people who want digital services. There are two sections of Fiverr and we are going to talk about those two sections today. I work for a business that often uses this site for digital needs that are too advanced for us. Their freelancing site ranges from people writing song and making videos for you to press releases and graphic design. The possibilities seem to be endless, the other day I saw a section for dating advice!

Fiverr Buying

For a buyer it is as easy as creating an account, making an order, and sitting back and relaxing as your Fiverr agent does it all. To start buying click my link here .

Top categories for buyers are:

  • Graphics & Design – Buy anything from graphics for social media to graphics and banners for emails. Some hand drawn graphics are in there as well.
  • Digital Marketing– This section can help you with traffic, SEO, and your marketing strategy.
  • Writing & Translation – In this section you will find content writers and translators of all sorts.
  • Video & Animation – My company uses this often to find whiteboard video makers. There are a ton more amazing options in there as well.
  • Music & Audio – Need a song written or maybe you have one but need it altered? This is the place you want to go.
  • Programming & Tech – If you have issues building your own site or need custom coding these guys know it all!
  • Advertising – This is where it starts to expand, you can have pet models to radio ads in this section.
  • Business– If you need consulting on a business decision there are plenty of Fiverr agents that can help you in here!
  • Fun & Lifestyle – This is the craziest section I’ve been in. IT IS ENDLESS! From gaming, relationship advice, viral videos, to pranks and much more.


Fiverr Selling

In my last blogging income report for April ( You can read that by clicking here. ) I told you guys about how I used Fiverr to make $65 for last month. Now $65 doesn’t seem like much but that’s just started my account and one month of building reviews and orders. I did a total of 5 orders to make that money. The easiest part of selling is setting up your profile.

To start selling,Click Here! 

Note the above link helps you get $5 to start and helps me get $5 Sharing is caring!

Once you are signed up you will be brought to a dashboard. To make your “gigs” or ads for the jobs you’re able to do hover over the selling tab and then click my gigs. After clicking my gigs, click add new.

To start out we suggest you list your gig lower than other agents to boost your view and you’ll have more chance of being seen. You want to build up your reviews so you’ll receive more orders.


Here is an example of my gigs, stats constantly change. Once you have a gig you’ll be able to see how many times someone clicked it and how many orders you received. (Need me to make something for you? Click here to order one of my gigs or to see my profile. )

Once a customer places an order you will be notified instantly via email and notification on your dashboard.

I find it easiest to have the application on your phone, it makes response time faster for me.  Once you start getting higher ratings and more sales you will advance on fiverr to a higher level. Higher level sellers tend to receive more orders.

Fiverr levels


To go even farther, you can promote your profile on your blog or website with a badge. To put a badge on your site go to Selling -> Promote yourself. Copy your code and paste it into your side bar or anywhere on your site. It will bring you to this screen:

Fiverr Badge


Create Gigs, Make Money, Withdraw Money, Repeat.



Fiverr Summary




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