DIY Whitewash Fireplace

DIY Whitewash Fireplace

DIY Whitewash Fireplace

Want to make your fireplace a little more modern with the times? Want to makeover your room for under $30? This whitewash fireplacesimple trick will give your fireplace the whitewash look and keep your budget looking good. Follow these easy steps for your DIY Whitewash Fireplace. Head over to your local
Lowes and pick up a jar or two depending on your fireplace size, of valspar lime wash glaze. Pick up a small paint brush for $1 or a black sponge brush. Make sure to pat your fireplace down and clean the surface as much as you can. Wipe away any dust, cobwebs, or dirt.

Take your lime wash glaze and start from one brick to the next to whitewash your fireplace. You;ll want to use your small brush or black sponge to lightly glaze each brick.  If needed apply a second coat after the first coat dries for a thicker look.

whitewash fireplace

Be sure not to put on such a heavy coat for your first layer. The layers will look weird at first compared to your normal brick. Be sure not to get any of the lime wash onto your floor, it will whitewash fireplacestain. A whitewashed fireplace looks great with bright colored paint or even gray walls. Have fun and enjoy the easy way to whitewash the fireplace! Spend less then $20 and make your fireplace go from old to new.

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