Bubbling Charcoal Mask By Imagine Dermatology

Bubbling Charcoal Mask By Imagine Dermatology

Bubbling Charcoal Mask By Imagine Dermatology Review

Woke up this morning to a package in the mail for an absolutely amazing product. I get excited every time I show you products I love because it helps you guys see what is good and bad. I know I haven’t posted much bad and that’s due to the great products I’m receiving. Recently we partnered with Imagine Dermatology to bring to you this review after seeing their product. Now the follow photos in this article are right after I woke up so bare with me. When I wake up my face is VERY OILY even if I took a shower the night before. Now for me that means I might not eat right or have an off balance, but either way I feel like I’m dripping oil in the morning. I’ve decided to show you guys not only my morning face, but this amazing product all in one shot! I’m going to show you the bubbling charcoal mask today! Bubbling Charcoal Mask

This product came in a very nice bottle with a pump top. The pump top was easy to push and easy the product wasn’t messy coming out either. The product glided into my hand and I applied it with my fingers, at first it was a solid form that felt slightly thick then started to bubble. Buy the mask here : Click me!

Bubbling Charcoal Maskbubbling charcoal mask

Excuse my funny face, but I wanted to show you the foam to the mask, it was an amazing feeling. The foam felt very nice as it grew and when I wiped my face off it was very easy to remove. The charcoal mask made my skin super smooth and fresh feeling. Buy the mask HERE!

Bubbling Charcoal Mask







Here is a small video of me applying the product. I apologize for the weird faces ahead of the time, that was my reaction as it started to bubble. I loved it! Buy the Mask HERE!


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