Blogger Recognition Award

Blogger Recognition Award

Blogger Recognition Award


Blogging is about the best thing I’ve ever done. I feel happier with knowing I can make it into anything I want. Today’s post is a little different from most, I won’t be discussing the normal recipes, DIY projects, or blogging. Instead I’ll be telling you all about the Blogger Recognition Award.

I was nominated by Alvin Lau in his article, Click here to read more! In his nomination article Alvin states

” What I love about her blog is that I could easily tell what she blogs about, from her name to her very clear categories. I like the clean design and the way she writes as well! I can also relate to her posts as our niches overlap, i.e. on making money online and blogging tips. I’ve seen her posts a couple of times probably on Pinterest as well and somehow her blog name is glued in my head. “

This has to be the best thing I’ve read since I started blogging October of 2016! This makes me feel that all my efforts have not gone to waste. To know that my niche name has stuck into someones head is fantastic, because for me that means maybe it’s done the same to other readers. In the blogging world branding is big, because without branding what kind of company do you really have?Blogger Recognition Award

What is the Blogger Recognition Award?

The blogger recognition award is a string of bloggers that have gotten together and nominated a fellow blogger that has inspired them or a blog they personally love. The award can benefit a blogger because it can build stronger bonds and you also get the advantage of back links. Backlinks for bloggers means stronger SEO.

What are the Rules?

  1. Write a blog post about this award.
  2. Thank the blogger that nominated me.
  3. Write a brief story of how/why I started blogging.
  4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  5. Nominate another blogger to pass the award onto.

Why I started blogging

This one might be the longest section in this article, but for me it’s best if my readers get to know that I’m not some fancy millionnaire blogger (yet). I started seeing a lot of bloggers income reports on my pinterest, and if you know pinterest once you read one article on something it starts showing you more and more articles. The reports I was reading were about how these bloggers were making 1,000-100,000+ on blogging. I thought to myself no freakin way ! Well after a BUNCH of research I found out how they were doing it. I knew that it would take some time before I started to get anywhere as good as they were, but I had to start. Now, here is a little background on myself. I’m a marketing manager for my father’s company and I have two small demons, I mean lovely children. With two small kids I’m always trying to figure out ways to make more money so I can pay off my house and have bigger and better things for my kids. I’ve been a consultant for it works, scentsy, and pink zebra before all ending in no luck. My problem is I’m not great with people in person ( 0% salesmen mentality). However, after reading Blogger’s income reports I became the most inspired I’ve ever been. In October of 2016 I made the jump and I purchased my first domain from From there I bought my hosting from Bluehost ( Click here for AMAZING HOSTING! & a great deal too). After several months of blogging and building my social networks I finally made my first income report for the first month of making money. I did it, now it wasn’t as much as other blogger’s but it was a start.

Two Pieces of Advice

Blogging isn’t easy at first but with the help of others, it’s become my favorite thing. I love it and I hope you will too.

1.Facebook Blog Groups

Facebook blogging groups have not only inspired me, but I’ve found AMAZING people in them. I’m always trying to improve my techniques for SEO, promoting, and social networks. Why not ask a Blogger who has been doing it for 5+ years that has been through exactly what your experiencing. With Blogging it’s a long-term effort, it takes years to build up your sites strengths. Google is a constant changing animal and it’s hard to adapt to the changes sometimes.

2. Read Articles

CONSTANTLY read marketers articles and bloggers articles on how to. Learn how to improve SEO, read about techniques to improve your networks and what you’re doing wrong. There are always ways you can improve and why not learn from others. My favorite person’s posts to read are Neil Patel’s,  I’ve learned so much from his blog and his podcast. It never hurts to improve your current skills.

Here is a post I’ve written on How to start a Blog (Click Here).

For you that already have a blog I’ve added some great plugins I use at the end of my How to start a Blog article.



Just like I said for my advice, the best way to find inspiration or improve is to read and learn from others. My nomination was a woman who I see working very hard on her blog. I’ve found so much inspiration in her income reports and her travel posts.

Now this part may seem creepy, but I’ve followed every social network she has! I wanted to learn everything from where she posts her affiliated links to how she writes. I loved her technique and honestly I wanted to do as well as she did the last month. She made $1,134.25 last month. Now for some that isn’t huge, but for me that was amazing. (Click Here to read that article!)

So I’ve decided to nominate Krista Aoki from Her blog is clean and she write about what people want to read, MONEY. Did I mention she travels too?

Congrats Krista and you have to nominate someone else (if you choose to participate)!


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