The Best Way to Wash Newborn’s Clothes

The Best Way to Wash Newborn’s Clothes

The Best Way to Wash Newborn’s Clothes

As a new mama, especially if you are a first time mom, you are worried about EVERYTHING! Newborn babies can be scary for new moms, the overwhelming feeling if you are doing something wrong or right. Most things will come natural with time on how to take care of your new baby. One thing that won’t, is what you put on your baby. Most newborn babies have allergic reactions to 50% of soaps, Why? Top name companies often put chemicals in laundry detergent that you wouldn’t want on your child’s skin. To start this article I want to inform you that there are organic soaps out there made just for the gentle skin your baby has. Here is the best way to wash Newborn’s clothes:Wash Newborn Clothes


Find a soap. You want a soap that is going to be organic, but still leave your baby’s clothes feeling soft and smelling clean. With both of my children I had babies that got rashes often and all over. Laundry detergents didn’t mix well with their fragile skin. In my search through the 30 different baby soaps we used, I tried Dreft Stage 1 Newborn hypoallergenic liquid soap. IT CHANGED EVERYTHING, no more itchy and screaming. Finally, a soap that made the clothes clean but also kept my baby rash free.


Just like any load of laundry you’ll want to separate the clothing in to two separate piles, lights & darks. After separating them make sure to pre-treat any hard to clean stains, this will insure a clean shirt in the end. After pre-treating or soaking you’re babies garment, load them into your washer and set the setting on gentle. I recommend washing them with cold or warm water. You can wash your baby clothes with cold water to save energy, and it’ll also be less harsh on any delicate pieces of clothing such as lace. Now it’s time to start the washer, If you put small load, you need to start the washer and spin medium cycle and then they shall be washed and then in 30-40 minutes.


Drying, usually I don’t let my baby’s clothing run the entire time in the dryer as their clothing is fragile. If you don’t want to use stackable washer and dryer you can use babies drying rack to let it dry. Leave that there for about a day and you’ll come back to find your baby’s clothing dry. 

And now you know about how to wash baby clothes, for further information has shortlisted the 7 steps to wash baby clothes after researching online and spending hours in testing. Check out the info graphic underneath.

Wash Newborn's Clothes

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