April Income Report : How I started earning money on my Blog

April Income Report : How I started earning money on my Blog

April Income Report : How I started earning money on my Blog

I originally started this blog in October of 2016 and my first concern was getting it going and driving traffic. I was constantly watching my SEO, my page speed test via google, and the look of my site. After months of working on this my traffic started to drastically change. In the month of January I started to see my traffic increased. It started out by increased from 20 to 100, then in March I saw the highest I’ve seen yet at 400 visitors. I know most reports you’ll read are talking about how they made thousands in there first month and got over 15,000 visitors. However, that’s not me, at least not yet! Here is my April income report on how I started earning money on my blog.

I want to give you a little background of my currently situation so you understand that I’m not a full time blogger and probably won’t be until my blog starts to take off. Now, with that being said that does not mean I don’t consistently try to improve the blog. I’m a full time working mommy of two.

My daily routine:

  • Wake up 7 a.m
  • Go to work 8-5 as a marketing manager ( I do have the background for this, but all things can be improved)
  • Once I’m out at 5, I grab the kids and start to head home
  • From 5-7 I’m bathing, feeding, & playing with my two kids
  • I sneak in about a half of hour of cleaning & taking care of my four chickens.
  • Now don’t worry here is the blogging. When I get to blog or schedule my posts, It’s usually in the middle of activities or right before bedtime. Normally if it’s a long post like this I’ve worked days on it. For example, the reason I’m posting my April income report on the fourth instead of the first.

When I started this site from October – December I didn’t do a whole lot and felt very unmotivated. That is until I started reading income reports that gave me a huge inspiration and started the fire.  I had no idea so much money could come out of doing your own blog. If you find this blog post inspirational click here is a post for you to start your own once you’re done reading! After I found my inspiration I started really kicking it into overdrive in January and that’s when I started seeing the spike in traffic. After months of working on the site I started to reach out to companies and without further adieu here are my results:


I have reported my income as it happened. Most programs for affiliates have a certain goal and payout. So instead of reporting my income as it’s paid out, I have reported my income as it happened.  This helped make things feel like they were going very successful!

What I accomplished in April:

With starting out so new and making so little for my first month, I don’t feel like I accomplished much. However, I did meet so many goals that I wanted to accomplish besides monetizing the blog.

  • Joined Top Mommy Blogs a blogging directory for several categories of blogs. I started a six month membership with them for $6 a month. I was very skeptical at first, however I started to get more and more traffic from the site. It’s been fantastic so far! Another great thing about this site was the bloggers wanted section. In this section I found several of the paid posts I will be telling you about later on.
  • I joined Tailwind an automatic poster for Pinterest and Instagram. When you join you’ll receive 100 free scheduled posts. It’s a very simple application, you find the content you’d like to schedule and tailwind will do all the work for you. It’s a great tool for building Pinterest followers. Get $15 in credit by signing up here : Click Me!
  • Bought a new theme from Themeforest. Themeforest is a partner with envato, they have several low cost themes and plugins as well. Our theme was called zarja, it’s a very girly theme as well as responsive.
  • Signed up as a Fiverr freelancer! I absolutely love this, even though it’s not entirely related to the blog it’s a side income that still helps support it so I’ve included it into this report. I’ve made graphics, as well as given advice on plugins.
  • Joined 10+ Blogging Support Groups on Facebook. This was a very big thing for me, a lot of my traffic has been from people who actively run their own blog.
  • Attended the SEO Summit of 2017, with Neil Patel. Now I’m a huge Neil Patel fan after my boss showed me his content. If you haven’t checked out his site you need to, this site will help with your SEO and any blogging questions you may have. If you’d like to see the videos from the summit I attended you can find them HERE.
  • Ran two Facebook ads for likes.
  • Received over 10 items in exchange for product reviews. I was very happy to do the exchange!


Social Media

My followers have been slowly climbing but after joining Tailwind at the last two days of the month I saw a improvement. I’m excited to see the increases and hope for more in May.

  • Pinterest – ( Aimed for 350) Started with 200- now I have 245. Goal for May: 360
  • Twitter –  ( Aimed for 100) Started with 20 – now I have 26. Goal for May : 100 I’d like to work on this further, I’ve never used twitter before but I need to be more present.
  • Facebook – (Aimed for 800) Started with 300 – now I have 640 Goal for May: 1000

Top Posts of April

Income For April

Fiverr: I made a total of $65 off of Fiverr for the month of April. I started out with making graphics and then started to give my advice on facebook pages, setting up wordpress sites and what plugins to use. If you need my help you can check me out on Fiverr here.

Google Adsense : I’ve made a total of $1.80 bringing my total account to $20 with adsense. It seems to be a long process to reach the $100 payout. However, the ads aren’t too invasive so I’ve kept them on my site for now.

Sponsored Campaigns: $100

Bluehost: I absolutely love bluehost for my hosting site and will ALWAYS recommend them. They are one of the top hosting services out there. I made $65 for a referral. Click here to sign up with them!

Amazon Affiliate : I made a total of $5.40 at the very end of the month with a total of 9 orders.

Total : $237.20


I did spend some money on my blog this month so I didn’t make as much profit as I’d like but that’s ok! I put the money back into the blog so I can reach higher goals.

Blog Theme: My blog theme from ThemeForest cost me $39, but was much needed and gives me a cleaner look.

Facebook Like ads campaign: $10

Top Mommy Blog Membership: $36

Total Expenses : $85

Goals For May

  • I’d like to double my traffic and followers.
  • Work on SEO
  • Hit $500 for next months income. Dream goal for next month is $1,000.
  • Schedule at least 5 posts per week to keep up with my busy schedule
  • Get more active on social media, I’d like to start socializing with others.
  • Rewrite some of my very first posts to make them more SEO optimized
  • Straighten out the small glitches on the site after the theme was added

New Affiliate Programs & Links

I joined Awin at the beginning of May so I hope that I’ll find some worth in it. It’s $5 to sign up but it gets credited back to you after approval. I’ve seen several income reports from bloggers where they make over $500 from Awin alone! Awin links you with several advertisers all over the world.

They will even link you with top advertisers like Etsy  and many others!

Click the banner below for $30!

Join with me !


Another great feature I found is that you can invite friends to Airbnb.com and get travel credit. Get your travel credit it by clicking here! I’m hoping to work on this account more in May to earn some travel credits and start traveling!


Does this all sound amazing?

Read out How to Start a Blog Post for help on getting started!

How to Start A Blog



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