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About Us

About Us – Hey Guys! My name is Nichole Gencarelli, I’m a mother of two and have great dreams of working from home some day. Before I get into too much detail about the future let me tell you about myself. I was born and raised for the first 16 years in New England Connecticut. My father moved down to Florida when I was about 13, I would visit every summer to Florida and visit my dad. We would go everywhere, until eventually I moved in due to family issues. When I was 17 years old I moved out, I thought I could do everything on my own. Boy was I wrong! At 17 my birth control company had a mishap. They mixed up my hormonal pills and my non hormone, I got Pregnant! I went from a partying girl every night to realizing I needed to grow up and change or my son wouldn’t have a nice life. At 18 I had my son in my senior year of high school. Things started to get rough, with a baby and living with my son’s father by ourselves. I started to pick up the idea of how to coupon, which eventually saved us a ton of money. After three years of dating and some extremely rough spots in my life I finally left my son’s father. When I left him I was stuck in two thousand in debt, my credit was ruined from our overdue bills, and I had nowhere to go. In 2013 my father worked at an RV dealership with a campground in the back, I asked for a place in the back and that was my home for the next three years.

The Change….. For The Good!

In that time I was a mess, I didn’t know what to do with myself or my son. I tried my hardest however and I kept going, I was always finding ways to make money or DIY projects. A few months of living in a trailer I started to date one of my friends. We hit it off, We’ve been dating for three years now! It seems like just yesterday I met him in the kitchen of a friend’s house. After a year of dating we found out we were pregnant and couldn’t be happier!

In June of 2015 we bought a house! It took me one year to entirely fix my credit and a steady employment at the RV Dealership but I did it! Our house was from 1962 and still has the teal stove inside. ( Most of the remodeling posts on my site are from projects we started to do on the house)

After years of being at my lowest I can now say I’m a hard-working mother of two beautiful boys. I have a man who I love dearly and wouldn’t change it for the world and I’m happy for the support he has for my website and what I like to do. I now own a home, a brand new car, and I have a steady good paying job for the past four years.

The Blog

While I was a stay at home mother when my first son was born I found several side jobs. I was constantly trying to find ways to make side money since my son’s father couldn’t support the household by himself. I often found myself working on other people’s websites or working online. I’ve had a passion for pinterest since 2010 and haven’t turned away since. After years of trying to find side income even after staying at my current job, it hit me! I started Penny Problem Solved in 2016 in the hopes that I could eventually help other people and stay at home from the earnings from my blog. Now that dream is probably a few years away for me currently but for now I want to show you everything I’ve learned over the years and I’d like to learn with you. My blog is designed for people to have recipes, DIY projects, Budget, Make Money at home or anywhere, and over all help your lifestyle.

The Future

My future plans for this blog and myself very. I plan to create posts that help all of my readers but also be able to stay at home from the income of my site. I want to eventually be a stay at home mom again and enjoy my kids. I often find myself feeling as though I’m loosing time with them and that’s why I started this while they are young. My goal not including the blog is to have my house paid off and I’d like to show you guys that adventure as well under the budgeting section. That will be my biggest step! Eventually I’d like to travel but who knows how far away that goal is.


about us

Meet Shanai

About Us- Shanai is another Admin of the site and she writes articles, recipes, and other content for our site. How did she get involved? Well about six years ago Shanai and I met in high school and honestly we hated each other. Not how you thought that was going to go? Eventually Shanai and I found a common interest and hit it off. We’ve been through everything!  What I mean is Shanai has been there through my ups and downs in life and hasn’t left my side. I wouldn’t trade her for anything!

I created the site October 2016 and asked her shortly after to be my partner in this journey. With both of our heads put together I knew we would create content that everyone would love. We strive to create new ideas and projects for you, granted most of them are made while binge watching TV.

Your Authors Hobbies

Everyone has a hobby right? Well here are ours:

Binge Watching Shows EVERYDAY

DIY Projects ( We spend ours on Pinterest)

Crafts ( This on is probably Mine more than her favorite)

Eating entire dishes of sweets (That’s a Hobby Right)

Yard Sales!

Finding new Ways to spend less money


Painting / Drawing

Listening to ROCK/Heavy Metal

Blogging For Your Pleasure




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