20 Tips to Make Parenting Easier

20 Tips to Make Parenting Easier

20 Tips to Make Parenting Easier

Having kids isn’t easy! However, when you find little tips and tricks to make life easier or the kids happier then everyone wins. Here are 20 Tips to Make Parenting Easier. My biggest thing has always been searching through Pinterest to keep the boys occupied or to make things easier.

Here are 20 Tips to make Your life Easier!

    1. Bye Bye Popsicle Messes- I stopped buying popsicles for years! My first son didn’t get to really experience popsicles because I was always scared of the mess they left behind. Well after seeing this trick the boys will always have ice cream! Say goodbye to popsicle messes! Grab a coffee filter and shove your popsicle stick through it. Or poke a hole in the bottom of a small cupcake wrapper for a drip catcher!20 Tips to make parenting easier
    2. Puppets– I know this sounds simple and we did it as kids but your kids now haven’t tried it yet! Keep them entertained and busy for a few hours while they decorate a paper bag for a puppet or even a sock. Grab the crayons and the glue sticks. let them put glitter on it and draw a mouth. This will keep them busy for awhile while they create their masterpieces. But what’s even better? Create a puppet show for them with a card board box. Add fabric or colored paper for a more realistic looking puppet theater.
    3. Pain Stains- I know when I was in middle school I probably drove my mother crazy with this! I use to write on my skin all the time. It use to range from I love Matt to notes to remind me to do homework. I mean I said forget the notepad to doodle when I have a perfectly good canvas right here. Well if you have a kid that was like me and you need to get the ink off of their skin, try a tea bag. Relax and drink a cup of tea, but don’t throw away the tea bag. Dab a green or black tea bag on their skin until you see the ink start to go away. Use the tea bag to wash the remaining stain off.20 Tips to Make Parenting Easier
    4. Balance it out!- This is probably one of my favorites! I have an umbrella stroller for my son because honestly when I go out I don’t want to carry our big bulky stroller or pack and unpack it. Well unfortunately for the unbrella stroller it has its flaws. One of those flaws? I love to put the diaper bag, bags that have my purchased goods in them, and so on. You get the point. However, there is one issue with that. When I remove the child the stroller flips over and now I have a mess. NOT ANYMORE! Take your old ankle weights and put them above your front wheels to balance out your uneven weight. No more tipping over, this one changed shopping for me. Like I said it’s the small things, right?20 Tips to Make Parenting Easier
    5. Pirates, O Hoy! – Make your own homemade swords! Take two pieces of corrugated cardboard and cut in the shape of a sword. Put the two pieces together for thickness and wrap the handle with brown duct tape and the sword with electrical tape. Bam! Now you have a sword that the kids can play with and it won’t hurt. This surprisingly will keep them busy for hours.
    6. EW LICE!- Recently I’ve been hearing about the lice break outs in daycares and schools. This is a natural home remedy to get rid of lice without the harsh chemicals. You’ll need a large jar of mayonnaise and a shower cap. Massage a large amount of mayonnaise into your child’s scalp and place a shower cap over their head. leave this on overnight and comb out the lice. Repeat the process until all lice and eggs are gone!
    7. Cups- I read this one recently and it changed how my son drinks at the table. Often I’d find my son dropping his cup or spilling it all over because he couldn’t get a grip on his cup. Add rubber bands to the outside of your child’s cup for a better grip and it’ll change everything!20 Tips to Make Parenting Easier
    8. Beach Trips- This trick has changed the way our beach trips go! There are two different options for this trick depending on your child’s age. Take a fitted crib sheet and place over the top of a playpen for a shaded not on the sand play area. . Take a large fitted bed sheet and place on the beach sand and put your cooler or other objects in each corner for a off the ground barrier from the sand.
    9. Picasso- Make paint from scratch by mixing together 1 Cup Salt, 1 Cup Flour, 1 Cup Water, and food coloring. Pour into empty ketchup bottles for an easy storage.
    10. I scream for ICE CREAM!- Make DIY ice cream sandwiches! Take your favorite large cookies & a small pint of ben and jerry’s. Cut the ice cream into slivers by cutting through the outside of the carton! Place your ice cream sliver between your cookies and there you have it!
    11. Don’t Slip – I currently use this technique and I will until my son outgrows it! Take a small square laundry basket ( can be found at Walmart for $4) and use it for when your child outgrows the baby bath tub! The laundry basket will act as a safety barrier so they don’t slip and fall. DIY SLIME
    12. DIY SLIME– This was a recent post of mine but will always be my favorite. You can find the recipe here.DIY Sidewalk Paint
    13. Sidewalk Chalk – Keep them busy outside with DIY Sidewalk Chalk! You can find the recipe here.
    14. Travel Snack-  Go to walmart in the jewelry section, grab a jewelry organizer and fill them with snacks! This will give your kids variety but keep their mouths busy in the car or on the go!

  1. Don’t Rip it off!- Apply oil to your child’s bandaid to loosen the adhesive and it’ll leave them feeling happier about the removal. 20 Tips to make Parenting Easier
  2. Cool it off!– Summer is coming and the car is going to get hot! Don’t let your poor child fall victim to hot seat belts! Seat belts often heat up in the car or worse can burn your child if in sunlight. Keep a small spray bottle with you and mist your seat belts to cool them. Don’t let your child get burned again!
  3. Use Velcro- My kids drive me crazy! Constantly running around the house, but that’s not why I’m going crazy. They are constantly moving my rugs around the house and moving them from one room to the next. Or even sliding along and using them against the wood floors. Solution? Velcro your carpets to the floor to solve your carpet issues.
  4. Camp Summer- Pay in advance for camp next year! That’s right I said pay in advance, many camps will give you a discount for paying in advance. Anywhere from 5-10%, ask your camp about these discounts!20 Tips to Make Parenting Easier
  5. Popsicles Part two- Place popsicles upright in the freezer in between bars for a clean cut every time!
  6. Shower Totes- Go to the dollar store and pick up $1 shower totes. Use them in your car for easy meal eating with the kids.

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