Watch Ya Mouth

Watch Ya Mouth

Watch Ya Mouth! 

The name of the game is watch ya mouth and the object of the game is to find out what your partner is saying. A few weeks ago I bought this amazing game and I wouldn’t turn back. This game has been the most fun I’ve had since monopoly came out in a blow up board option. Each player gets a rounded mouth piece to place on each side of their mouth opening their lips wide so words are hard to form. *Warning this may cause a lot of drool*

One player will start the timer and read the words of the card drawn. The words are very hard to pronounce with the piece in your mouth and your partner must figure out your words before the timer is up!

If you can’t picture how great that would be just imagine this game while being intoxicated! Fun for kids and adults this product has a hilarious outcome. Most mouth pieces are fit for the average adult mouth. The game is very affordable with my favorite online market Amazon! Get your Watch Ya Mouth with Penny Problem Solved for a great deal on this amazing game! Check out the link below!

Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Edition – The Authentic, Hilarious, Mouthguard Party Game

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