Prevent Hard Water Spots in Your Dishwasher

Prevent Hard Water Spots in Your Dishwasher

 Prevent Hard Water Spots in Your Dishwasher

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is formed when water runs through deposits of limestone, chalk, and mineral content. Limestone and chalk are made up of calcium and magnesium carbonates. We have tips for you on how to prevent hard water spots in your dishwasher!hard water spots in dishwasher Check them out:

How Can I prevent it?

Most people when they open a dish washer and hope to find nice clean dishes after pressing a button. However, with hard water that’s not what you’ll find. Often people with hard water will open their dishwasher to find their dishes coated in a film. Hard water looks like a white lightly coated film over all of your dishes. Well you’re in luck, there are products out there to help you remove those awful spots! Lemishine is a great product, it’s not a detergent but a booster for your dishwasher that will fight the toughest hard water spots. This dish detergent booster is non-toxic and phosphate free. Below are a few additional steps to Prevent Hard Water Spots in Your Dishwasher.hard water spots in dishwasher

  1. Use Less Detergent – Using an excess amount of detergent will increase the chance of hard water spots forming on your dishes. Reduce the amount of detergent to keep hard water spots at ease.
  2. Use a Detergent Booster- Detergent Boosters are boosters that you use along with your detergent that fight off hard water spots. I have been using Lemishine for years now! Hard water spots where my worst nightmare before but Lemishine has changed everything. This product is a non-toxic, phosphate free dish detergent booster. Below is a link where you can purchase the product or you can find this at your local Walmart in the dish detergent isle.
  3. Use Rinse Aid – Rinse aids go in your small compartment typically located on any dishwasher door. Rinse Aid assists in fighting the hard water and leaves your plates sparkling. Some people also add vinegar to their compartment.
  4. Install a water Softener- Besides buying products all year round for your dishwasher a more permanent but sometimes costly fix is buying a water softener. This device replaces the calcium and magnesium ions with sodium.

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