Make Money Walking

Make Money Walking

Make Money Walking

Yes, you read that right. Make money Walking! There are apps out there that will give you points for walking that can reward you with cash or points for store credit! Some will even allow you to donate to charity!

  1. Achieve Mint – This app is by far my favorite! This app is available on the apple store, and connects to your apple health app. Get points for walking, taking surveys, and logging your healthy activities such as weight. In
    one week I’ve gotten 1000 points. After 10,000 points you will earn $10! Not bad for doing
    daily activities you’d normally do. You won’t have to keep the app open for it to work, just sign up and achievemint will do all the work. You can also attach your fitbit. Join here!
  2. Walgreens Rewards- If you love shopping at Walgreens as much as I do this is the app for you! I was surprised at how quickly I racked up points, I’ve only had the app connected to my phone for one week and I’m almost at 5,000 points. You also earn points for tracking your weight, blood pressure, blood glucose, sleep and oximeter readings. walgreens points
  3. Charity Miles- Want to raise money for Charity but you don’t have the money or can’t find anyone to participate in events? This fantastic app will log your running and workouts and earn money towards different charities. You can choose from 12 dozen charities. Charity miles is an app available for android and iPhone.



Let us know of any additional apps in the comments below for raising money for charity or earning money for walking or being healthy! We’d love to hear your thoughts and share with your friends. Check out our lifestyle section for more healthy options. Start walking and logging your activities!

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