Honey The Google Extension that saved me Hundreds!

Honey The Google Extension that saved me Hundreds!

Honey- The Google Extension That Saved me Hundreds!

What is Honey?

honeyHoney is a free Google Extension that saves time and money. If you love to shop online this is definitely a must for you. What does it do? When you are shopping online and get to a checkout, it will automatically find and apply all possible codes then keeps the highest savings code applied. But that’s no all, they will also find better prices on Amazon and will offer cash bonuses. They works for thousands of stores so no worries! Don’t have google Chrome? Not a problem, Honey is an extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Join Here!
Once you have installed the extension just go to your favorite store and start shopping (the best part right). Once you get to your checkout screen in your top right corner of your browser you will see your orange icon light up. Click on the icon and then Honey will do all the work for you. I saved $60 off of a $120 order on Vistaprint before for business cards! Join NOW!

Get More!honey

Honey will also let you know when you can save a little more on a order through amazon. If that wasn’t enough with one click they will switch out the product for the cheaper one in your cart so no searching for the cheaper deal! Make Shopping on amazon just that much better.


If this doesn’t make your download this amazing extension there is more! Honey throws in an added bonus to your pocket. Before your checkout on several stores honey will give you a cash bonus if you activate the cash bonus offer before checkouts!

After checking out, you’ll see HoneyGold from that transaction in your account within 2-4 days of that transaction. After G1000 you can claim a $10 Amazon Gift Card. I’m already at 600 HoneyGold after two transactions! Currently Honey is working on a Paypal option.

If you’d like to share  with friends, you can find your personalized referral link at JoinHoney.com/invite. When your friends sign up with your link and earn Gold on their first eligible purchase, you’ll receive a G500, which translates to $5.

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