Free Samples

Free Samples

Free Samples

Check out our long list of free samples. Save money by created a stock pile of samples. One year I didn’t have to buy detergent for 6 months. I got free samples from all of the laundry detergent companies I could find. Free Samples are great and most Big Companies will send you them in the hopes of getting you to purchase their product. Have you found some free stuff that you feel should be in our list below? Make sure to leave a comment below!

free samplesGo to Persil Pro Clean for a free sample of Persil Laundry Detergent.

Get a coupon for a free sample from Seventh Generation for a free laundry detergent sample and coupons.

Don’t get a head cold prevent getting sick with a free sample of Emergen-C.

Short on Tampons? I didn’t have to buy a box of tampons for 3 months with the amount of samples out there for female products! Go over to and get your free samples of tampons or panty liners.

Another great pad sample is from Walmart / Equate.

Head over to Poise for a pad starter kit. Or over to Playtex for more pads and panty samples

Dry skin? Not a problem! Here is a free sample of Nivea.

Time to relax, try this free sample of Detox Tea.

Time for a healthy snack, get a sample of VentureBar.

Need some sugar? Get a free sample of Truvia or head over to Stevia.

Get a free razor! Head over to Gillette.

Get a free subscription to better homes here.

Do you love your beard and want to maintain it? Try this sample of beard oil.

If you find anymore free Samples feel free to submit them to us!

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