How I Cut Cable and Saved Hundreds

How I Cut Cable and Saved Hundreds

How I Cut Cable & Saved Hundreds

CUT CABLERecently my boyfriend left his job on the search of a new career. With that being said I didn’t have it in my budget monthly to pay for the cable. I searched for answers everywhere on what to do I wanted to cut cable out of my monthly budget! The only thing we used our cable for was to watch football. Now with that being said I asked my boyfriend why not just watch the games when they are done and free? His answer? Well he looked at me like I was crazy and said hell no. So I was on a search for the cheapest option that could cut our cable bill out of the monthly budget all together.

I switched to a cheaper internet provider and got the next step up for cable costing me only $25 per month. I then started to look for some sort of online subscription for football. Here are the options I found:

  1. Sling TV- Sling TV was great! It allowed me to be able to watch football and what’s even better? I got a 7 day free trial! The packages for sling range between $20 to $40 depending on what channels you want.  TRY NOW AND GET YOUR 7 DAYS FREE!










2. CBS All Access- New to CBS, NFL! CBS started to stream LIVE NFL games. My boyfriend also got 1 weeks free of this and has loved it the most so far. Only problem was he was limited to certain games. This would be a great package for someone who isn’t a complete die hard fan and has to watch EVERY game. The packages they offer are $5.99 per month or $9.99 for commercial free.  Click here for 1 week free!









3. NFL Mobile (Verizon)- Last but not least the other option we looked into was NFL Mobile powered by verizon. Both of us had a verizon phone so this was an option. Click here to see more details.










4. Hulu- For already aired shows or even Hulu originals, the Hulu package was my top subscription for my personal use. Now there may not be football, but to cut the cable bill this was a great option for me. The average cost is $8.99 per month and you get to choose from hundreds of options. The only downside to Hulu is that it doesn’t contain all shows for a season on all shows. So unfortunately binge watching can be hard! Fear not however, in our next option you can binge watch for days! Click here to see more on Hulu’s Packages.






5.Netflix- My favorite option of the bunch! I actually didn’t subscribe for this one a friend was nice enough to loan me their login. Netflix has hundreds of different shows to choose from and they keep multiple season. You can binge watch your favorite shows for days at a time! Check out their monthly plan!


Well there you have it! In a few short days I cut my cable provider instantly and went for an internet option only. All together my bill including internet and subscriptions cost $50( I didn’t subscribe to all of these). Compared to a $150 cable bill I’m happy to say I save $1,200 a year! Another amazing product I picked up is my Roku ( I actually won it at a work Christmas Party, Thank you America Choice RV )  to connect all of my subscriptions to one devices.


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