Clean Your Stove Vent

Clean Your Stove Vent

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Clean Your Stove Vent

You may ┬ábe great at cleaning, but from time to time we forget the small things around the house and they tend to build up. Well I can say that this is that nastiest one that I’ve let build up and I’m completely embarrassed. It did not occur to me to clean my stove vent until I read this amazing trick to Clean your stove vent and have it sparkling clean.

Clean Your Stove Vent

Ok now here comes the nasty part of this truth-telling. Not all that grime is mine, I bought my house in 2015 and chose to take a look at my filter. With much to my surprise it was way worse than I ever expected. I’m an oven cooker mostly so unfortunately for my vent I didn’t expect such a horror. Well Here is how I got this nasty thing sparkling clean and looking new again!

Find a large stainless steel pot ( don’t substitute with a non-stick pan).

Fill your large pot with boiling water and add some baking soda until you have a fizzle. Place your vent cover into the boiling pot of water and baking soda. Then once it has sat for a minute add a half cup of vinegar to create a reaction. Don’t add to much or You’ll have an over flowing pot! You will start to see your vent fizzle and your grease will start to come right off!

Clean Your Stove Vents

Your pot may need a good scrubbing after all of the grease that you’ll have come off.

Now don’t be like me, we recommend that you use this technique once a month or more frequently if you cook on your stove top often. Grease often builds up just from cooking meats or other foods on the stove top. Often the grease will rise and cake onto your vent.

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