32 Totally Free Date Ideas

32 Totally Free Date Ideas

32 Totally Free Date Ideas

If you’re like me you’re stumped on where and what to do with your significant other when your on a budget. You’re probably thinking that Valentine’s Day might not be what you had imagined because your wallet is a little tight. Don’t worry! We are here for you, here are 32┬átotally free date Ideas.

32 totally free date ideas

  1. Cook Dinner & Have a Movie Night
  2. Put a tent in the Yard and sleep under the stars add in a bonfire and it will be perfect!
  3. Go to a Festival, Check on Facebook you’d be surprised at how many free festivals are out there.
  4. Visit your local farmers market, surprisingly there are some cool things you can find there.
  5. Play Strip Poker to spice up your night
  6. Go to the park and feed the ducks
  7. Find a DIY Project to work on together. It can be recycling objects you already have.
  8. Give each other a deep message while watching a movie. Or light some candles and enjoy the silence.
  9. Go to the Beach if you’re in warmer weather! Can’t go wrong with a nice day of lounging on the beach.
  10. Build a Fort, that’s right go back in time and find your inner kid there is nothing wrong with bringing it out!
  11. Play drunken Jenga at home
  12. Go on a Hike.
  13. Find a Concert near by and enjoy some Local Music. Check in your local bars most will host an open mic night or have live music once a week.
  14. Volunteer at a local humane society ( resist the urge to get a new dog)
  15. Play a game of Paint Twister
  16. Find a night in the grass Movie playing most neighborhoods will have one.
  17. Find a winery and test out samples!
  18. Share embarrassing pictures from the past
  19. Go on a bike ride
  20. Travel into local woods and Camp out for the night. Cook a meal in the fire
  21. Some zoos have free days for you to enjoy the animals
  22. Go for a drive on a scenic route
  23. Go out to yard Sales
  24. Learn something new. Find a hobby you both want to learn and explore.
  25. Go fishing.
  26. Have a picnic in a park or in a scenic area.
  27. Enjoy some karaoke
  28. Find a TV show on Netflix and Binge Watch
  29. Visit a free museum
  30. Go to the Library
  31. Play a video Game you both like
  32. Find an Art Opening

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